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Convert Your Loft for Added Income

Published: 28 August 2019
When you are looking for a way to grow your income, the solution might be directly overhead. Loft space can be converted into a private apartment. This would allow you to rent it out, earning an income without having to give up any of your own living space.
A loft conversion is something that you can easily do. Trusted Polish Builders can help you to find recommended local builders to help with the task.

Creating a Great Loft
It’s important that you create a great loft so that it is desirable for anyone who wants to rent the space. Depending on what’s already in place, you may need to have more electrical run in order to offer plenty of outlets. You may need a gas line so that people can have the heating that is desired as well as for cooking. Further, it may be necessary for plumbing to be run so that you can offer a private bathroom and more.

When you’re converting a loft, you don’t want to take this on as a DIY project. There are going to be local building codes to follow, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of professionals.
You can work with the builders to ensure that it offers the kind of space that you want. They can provide recommendations and you can make sure that your voice is heard as to how you want the space transformed.

Marketing Your Loft
You can choose how you want to create income from your loft once the conversion is finished. You may want to have a regular tenant who will move in above you. This includes offering a private entrance and more. They will have their own keys and won’t have to bother you. You could also choose the Airbnb route where new people rent out your loft for a few days at a time. Depending on your preference and how the space is laid out, you can offer a private entrance or have them go
through your home.

Either way, once the loft conversion has happened, you can start to market the property to begin pulling in an income. By working with us at Trusted Polish Builders, we’ll help you to find a builder that you can rely on. Your project can be finished in no time, allowing you to have the extra income you have been searching for.